FFmpeg Little Helper

An easy to use FFmpeg code generator by RodrigoPolo.com
Binaries (FFmpeg Installers)

In order to encode audio/video with FFmpeg you will need to download the source code of FFmpeg along with some other libraries and then compile everything. I know that sounds very very interesting, that's why I have here a full set of FFmpeg compilations for Windows, GNU Linux and Macintosh OS X (Inel).

You can also use this extremely easy guide to install FFmpeg on your Windows, GNU Linux or Macintosh machine: FFmpeg 0.5 Installers and learn more abour FFmpeg and other encoding tools with this very useful cheat sheet.

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1) Format
2) Settings
3) Compression
4) Output Options

Select the output format: Use "command" to paste the command to your Windows command prompt or your Mac-Linux terminal. Use "Script" to copy and paste your code on a ".bat" or ".sh" file.

5) Output